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Lawyer in Bodily Injury Law in Antibes - Maître Fabien Manoury

By law, a bodily injury must be compensated in full. However, in order to obtain compensation commensurate with the damages suffered, the services of a lawyer are essential. Indeed, insurance companies tend to undervalue the damages you have suffered in order to offer you a lower compensation. The lawyer will therefore be your best ally for obtaining fair compensation, either out of court or before a court of law. Maître Fabien Manoury shall support and accompany the victim and his relatives in the often long and difficult process of bodily injury settlement. His law firm in Antibes acquired real expertise to support you in the following tasks:
  • Identifying the body in charge of compensation
  • Claiming compensation for bodily and moral damages
  • Assisting you during medical examination
  • Requesting provisions
  • Calculating the amount of compensation
  • Negotiating with the insurance company
  • Recourse to court in the event of insufficient compensation
Le principe d’indemnisation du dommage corporel

The principle of compensation for bodily injury

An offense caused by others may have physiological as well as psychological impacts of varying degrees of severity. It can have an impact on both your personal and professional life. According to the principle of compensation for bodily injury, the victim is entitled to compensation for all damages he or she suffered from. To ensure that no aspect of the damages committed is overlooked, have Maître Fabien Manoury assist you. Being specialized for many years in the process of victim’s compensation, he will help you to assess the damage, taking into account the current and future consequecompensation for bodily injurynces, which can be just as important. In order to know the compensable damage, he shall rely on DINTILHAC nomenclature listing property damages and non-pecuniary damages. However, a causal link must be established between the event and the damage suffered for the right to compensation to be recognized, and the onus of proof reverts to the victim. Faced with this complex legislation, the lawyer in Antibes is an essential assistance for victims and their families.
L’expertise médicale

The bodily injury compensation procedure


Medical examination is the first step in the compensation procedure. It may be a judicial expertise ordered by a judge, or an amicable expertise concluded between the insurance company and the victim. To ensure that your interests are not harmed, Maître Fabien Manoury may recommend you to be assisted by a medical consultant, who will prepare this expertise with him and with you yourself. These two professionals will be present during the expertise so that not a single point of the damages committed will be neglected. Depending on the collected elements, the lawyer may help you quantify the damage you suffered in order to best negotiate the amount of your compensation.

The payment of advances

Compensation for damages is a process that can be relatively lengthy. However, in the meantime, the victim may have various charges to pay: hospitalization costs, medical equipment rental, etc. Your personal injury lawyer is at your side to request advances on compensation, when the right to compensation is recognized. He or she will then apply to the court on your behalf for advances.

Consolidation of bodily injury

When the victim’s state of health has stabilized, we refer to consolidation of bodily injury. A lawyer-physician, an expert in the field, sets the date of such consolidation. A final medical expertise is then carried out to re-assess the damage. In this situation again, it is important to be assisted by a lawyer and a medical advisor to protect your rights and to avoid under-valuation of your compensation. Maître Fabien Manoury will provide you with support and expertise during an amicable settlement as well as during legal proceedings.
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