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Fabien Manoury
Law firm in Antibes
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Commercial Law Attorney in Antibes - Maître Fabien Manoury

As a Commercial Law Attorney in Antibes, Maître Fabien Manoury is often hired in the context of litigation and disputes between professionals and private individuals, or between two businessmen. Whether you need to draw up a commercial lease, initiate the termination of a contract following a default, or claim compensation following a defect of consent, your law firm in Antibes is ready to assist you in all your commercial cases. In particular, you can rely on its assistance during your business premisesacquisition procedure. Registered at the Grasse Bar, the professional intervenes throughout France if necessary.

Drafting of a commercial lease

A commercial lease is an important document that must be drafted properly and with due care. It is therefore recommended to draft it in the presence of a lawyer specialized in the law of obligations, such as Maître Fabien Manoury. Whether you are a lessor or a tenant, the lawyer will help you above all to better understand your obligations and rights under the commercial lease you are about to sign. The professional may study with you all contract terms that must be included in such document: the duration of the lease, the amount of the rent, or even the sublease terms. Entrusting the drafting of the contract to a lawyer shall also strengthen its legal value: The lease contract will indeed be difficult to contest and will better protect you in case of litigation.

Contract Disputes

Most actions performed in the professional context shall be accompanied by a contract and failure to comply with it shall often lead to legal proceedings and sanctions. Maître Fabien Manoury shall assist you in such cases, whether you are the victim or the defendant in a fault.


Violations of contractual liability are not uncommon in the commercial field. Shall one of the two parties not perform in the bona fide its part of the commitment stipulated in the commercial contract, the Party that is victim of the breach shall be entitled to hire a specialized lawyer. He or she may terminate the contract and claim damages. Being experienced in this field, Maître Fabien Manoury will guide you through the necessary steps to obtain compensation commensurate with the loss.


Contract avoidance may occur at any time, and may be total or partial (cancellation of some clauses only). Each party, through an attorney, can take action to cancel the contract: in particular in the event of breach of contract, defect of consent, latent defect, failure to deliver, outstanding claim, or a clause deemed unfair. On the other hand, such action shall be carried out properly, in compliance with the notice periods and legal formalities. It is then recommended that you consult your lawyer, whether you wish to terminate a contract or you are the victim of an abusive breach of contract.

Rent Collection

A landlord may consider taking legal action against a tenant because of late payment of rent. But before this happens, it is always possible to use amicable dispute resolution: the lawyer in Antibes may intervene in this process. To avoid deterioration of the situation, the professional shall initiate with his client various actions for the collection of rents. He may contact the tenant or give him notice to pay or perform and negotiate payment terms with him and his representatives. Shall the amicable approach fail, Maître Fabien Manoury will defend your interests in court. He will help you not only to recover the amount due, but also to initiate eviction proceedings against the tenant at fault.


The sale of business assets is a complex operation, which can often give rise to disputes between sellers and buyers. The sources of disputes are mainly related to the non-compliance of one of the parties with the conditions associated with the sale of the business assets. The role of Maître Fabien Manoury in this type of transaction is to assist his/her client (whether he is a seller or a buyer) in the completion of the prior to transfer formalities. He shall carry out an audit and analysis of the business assets before purchase, determine its the value based on the results, and ensure the transfer of lease rights. He shall also draft the transfer deeds and contracts. In addition, you may rely on him to make a claim for compensation in the event of defects in consent (mistake, duress). The lawyer in Antibes may also represent his client in the event of a litigation before the Commercial Court .
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