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Fabien Manoury
Law firm in Antibes
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A Real Estate Lawyer in Antibes - Maître Fabien Manoury

Disputes between landlord and tenant as well as various litigations are very frequent in the real estate sector: they concern real estate rentals, joint proprietorship or real estate sale and purchase. Shall you encounter difficulties during a real estate transaction or shall you be a victim of neighborhood disturbances, Maître Fabien Manoury shall be available to assist you. The law office in Antibes masters the subtleties of real estate law, and shall be capable of advising owners and helping them enforce their rights in court. Being experienced in this field, the real estate lawyer in Antibes offers his services throughout France.
Droit immobilier

Lease contract

Among the elements that are potentially sources of litigation in the real estate sector is the lease contract, signed between the landlord and the tenant. Under the framework of a real estate lease, both parties may sometimes be victims of abuse, and Maître Fabien Manoury offers to help both parties depending on the situation. The lawyer can, for example, help the landlord to call a tenant to order if the tenant does not respect the deadlines set forth in the contract for the payment of rentals (rental arrears). The lawyer may also side with a tenant who needs assistance in pursuing a landlord who refuses to repay or return the security deposit under the framework of a commercial or residential lease.
Les troubles du voisinage

Neighborhood disturbances

Neighborhood disturbances are also part of the common disputes in the real estate world. When confronting neighbors who have become too noisy, the tone can sometimes rise. Smells or even plantations can also be sources of disputes. Shall an attempt at amicable resolution fail, legal action becomes inevitable. For this, it is necessary to hire a lawyer, such as Maître Fabien Manoury. The lawyer at the Grasse Bar will inform you of your rights in such a situation, and will help you succeed your case in court.
Le droit de la construction

Building law

The Building Law is a relatively complex area of law, which sometimes needs to be explained by a professional in order to avoid committing certain errors. The law firm in Antibes masters the numerous legal rules that govern the building permit and the other authorizations required for a building process, as well as the urban land use code. In particular, the lawyer can accompany you in your real estate projects, or even raise your awareness about the different taxes and duties to be paid, as well as the ten-year guarantee. He shall assist you in case of legal problems related to a building process. In particular, he may take summary proceedings on your behalf in urgent situations, challenge a building permit, or ask for compensation in the event of damages committed against you.
Le droit de la copropriété

Co-ownership Law

Living in a co-ownership is not always easy. Conflicts can easily arise, and relations may sometimes become difficult between the syndic of co-owners and the co-owners. They may even lead to legal proceedings if the different parties do not comply with the co-ownership rules. Maître Fabien Manoury, a co-ownership law practitioner, can help you to face these risks, for example by helping you in challenging general assemblies. The lawyer can guide you if you wish to challenge the charges claimed by the syndic of your building, or if you wish to oppose works affecting the common portions of your property.
La vente immobilière

Real Estate Sales

Real estate transactions are subject to strict regulations, which every buyer or seller of property must be aware of before launching the transaction. If you contact the law firm in Antibes, you will benefit from a full accompaniment in your real estate sales process. The process begins in particular by drafting a preliminary sale agreement, and pass through various legal formalities. Maître Fabien Manoury also helps you to avoid scams and complete a secure transaction. Finally, the lawyer masters the particular situations of the real estate sector, such as in the case of a life annuity sale, a sale under execution, a seizure of immovable property, the sequestration of the sale price, or even real estate auctions.
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ADDRESS 13 boulevard Maréchal Foch
06600 Antibes
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